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2017-10-12. SMERUD announces several new vacancies in their headquarter offices in Oslo as a consequence of recently signed co-development contracts with biotech companies. The company wishes to employ two more STATISTICIANs, one senior with several years of experience, ideally from medical statistics (clinical trial planning and analysis), and one junior statistician (trainee opportunities). Further, the company is actively recruiting PROJECT DIRECTORS (Clinical Research Scientists), i.e. scientists with drug development interest, strong medical writing skills and clinical project management experience and a dedication to be responsible for developing one or more new drugs from pre-clinical stage to end of clinical phase 3. SMERUD currently has  now 10+  lead candidates, all ready for clinical stage, in their own pipeline, licensed to spin-off companies (special purpose vehicles)  or owned by their associated venture capital firm, Scandinavian Biotech Venture AS.


2017-10-12. SMERUD announces that it has successfully secured two new EU grants, each worth approx. 6.0 mEUR, for clinical phase 2 development of two drug candidates intended for orphan indications. More information will follow when contracts have been formalised and project-specific websites have been opened.



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