SMERUD is headquartered in Oslo, Norway with fully owned subsidiaries in several European countries: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany and Poland. Our general structure is that overall client and project management as well as speciality support services (e.g. statistics, data management, pharmacovigilance, medical advisor, medical writing) are provided from the Oslo headquarters; whereas each local/national subsidiary office is manned with resources competent and experienced in local start-up (i.e. clinical-regulatory affairs) as well site management and site monitoring ‘on-the ground’ and local resources (CRAs). 

In addition to the countries in which we are present with our own staff now (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany and Poland), we are now involved with or have previously managed studies in: Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Turkey, the US and Canada, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Gambia. In these territories, we operate through a network of freelancers and collaborating CROs.