Currently advertised vacancies

We have recently signed significant new drug development contracts, and we are therefore actively seeking to expand our high-level competency team. We are therefore proud and pleased to welcome qualified applicants to the following challenging but rewarding positions. For each position, please send us an enquiry (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for a detailed job description outlining the main duties and responsibilities within each role, and also our basic expectations for the expertise and experience required from the candidates.


Global positions located at headquarter (Oslo, NORWAY*)

•Director of Regulatory Affairs.
•Regulatory Affairs Manager(s).

•International Clinical Project Manager(s).
•Senior CRAs.

Clinical Research Scientists (i.e. therapeutic area specialists, similar to 'programme director' roles within the industry; typically acts as the International PM for clinical proof-of-concept studies (phase 2a)).

*These positions may alternatively be located in our offices in the UK (Manchester) or in Sweden (Uppsala).



Local/regional positions

For our office in SWEDEN (Uppsala)
•Country manager.
•Clinical Project Manager(s).
•Senior CRA
•Financial secretary (part-time; 20-60%).

For our office in the UNITED KINGDOM (Manchester)
•Clinical Project Manager(s).
•Senior CRAs.
•Regulatory Affairs Manager.

For the NETHERLANDS (ideally Amsterdam/Leiden area)
•Senior CRAs/Local clinical project manager (part-time or freelance basis)

For the US (Boston)
•Business development manager.
•Clinical Project Manager(s).
•Senior CRAs.
•Regulatory Affairs Manager.



Unsolicited applications

SMERUD encourages applicants to contact us at any time, even if we have not specifically advertised a vacancy.  Due to our continued growth, we are always interested to hear from professionals pursuing a career in international consulting; particularly in the fields of clinical research, regulatory affairs and biometrics. For more information about each of our offices, please visit our Locations page.



Recruitment agencies

SMERUD prefers to hire employees after direct applications and not through presentations by recruitment agencies or the like. If candidates are hired through agencies, our policy is to never acceopt any fee larger than equivalent to 1 months salary. Agencies who cannot accept these terms should not solicit us with the aim of presenting candidates.


For all applications, please send us your CV and a covering letter, using the details on our Contact page.